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This is one of many, many moments when Georgette can be seen trying to have her cake and eat it, too: that is, to give the reader the violent inside dope about the Syndicate while making herself sound like a genteel bystander innocently caught up in the mayhem.

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This is cynical, but it is so naively, unself-consciously cynical that "A Voice From the Grave" often makes you laugh out loud. If Georgette had been invented by, say, Damon Runyon, she would be a great comic creation. Take the moment when, after chronicling a string of her husband's assassinations, kidnappings and bank robberies, she writes: "When I was well enough to travel we went back to Chicago, and Gus promised he would grant my oft-repeated request that I be allowed to keep house.

We had been jumping from one furnished flat to another, with a sprinkling of hotel rooms thrown in between. This had been far from satisfactory to me.

Al Capone and his American boys : memoirs of a mobster's wife

I wanted a secluded little place where we were not likely to be bothered and where I could entertain a few friends. Unfortunately, Gus -- who was passed out drunk in a rooming house bathtub when she first laid eyes on him -- tended to associate with people nicknamed Cokie and Snorting Whitey and Paul Revere because he was always warning people that the cops were coming. It all sounds very Hollywood -- someone actually says, "Fade, gang, it's the bulls" -- but apparently the great gangster movies of the s were practically documentaries.

Just about everything that happens in "Little Caesar" or "The Roaring Twenties" also happened to Gus and Georgette -- right down to the unhappy ending.

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A firsthand account of Capone's Mob A long-discarded memoir by the wife of one of the gangster's top henchmen finally gets published Related Topics Books Memoirs Nonfiction. Life in a "Dopesick" country Chauncey DeVega. Show Comments. Trending Articles.

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On June 5, , Capone was indicted for 22 counts of federal income-tax evasion for the years through On June 12 Capone and others were charged with conspiracy to violate Prohibition laws for the years to He entered Atlanta penitentiary in May but was transferred to the new Alcatraz prison in August In November , suffering from the general deterioration of paresis a late stage of syphilis , he was released and entered a Baltimore hospital.

Later he retired to his Florida estate, where he died from cardiac arrest in , a powerless recluse.

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Al Capone and His American Boys: Memoirs of a Mobsters Wife William J. Helmer

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Alternative Titles: Alphonse Capone, Scarface. Top Questions. Start Your Free Trial Today. Learn More in these related Britannica articles:. Al Capone , John Dillinger, and the St. Furthermore, the city government was virtually insolvent years before the stock market crash. Republican Thompson was defeated by Democrat Anton Cermak in , the first of a long string of….

The Mob Mentality of Al Capone - Biography

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