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Our waitress at our favorite diner told us when her daughter died there were feathers everywhere. Today at Walmart I looked down and there was a black feather. How do I know the feather is from an angel and not a bird. I walk around a runoff pond near work everyday and always find feathers.

There are geese and ducks in the pond. Today I found a white and gray feather by the path to the pond. I recently visited my both my sister and fathers burial plots next to one another and when I returned to my vehicle a white feather with brown tip floated into my car. Hello, I have a question. I want to know is there a special meaning to catching a falling feather?

I walk in this beautiful park in Texas everyday and I praise the lord as I go along. One day I saw this little white feather come floating down, I was amazed at how it kinda glowed. Once I saw what it was I had wished I would have caught it instead of just watch it because I heard it was good luck. I kept the feather and by the time I got home it was gone.

I was looking all over for it. I asked God to show me where it is. I do find things that way. Or ask questions and get the answers within a day or two. About 3 days later while walking in the park again I had this small feather just out of nowhere pop up right in front of me, I had to react quickly to catch it because it was just there in front of me. I caught the feather. It was the same when we where a couple in the past. What could this mean?? Are our Angels telling us were on the right path and giving us their blessing?

For the week feathers have been in my path daily!

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This Saturday I actually noticed a black feather falling from the sky next to my vehicle.. I got chills of awe! Same day a white feather. Today another in the middle of downtown… I am amazed but would love to understand its bit!! I was diagnosed with colon cancer this past Feb, when I went to the cancer center for the first time for an appt with the surgeon, I was in the,waiting room and suddenly a tiny white feather drifted down in front of me and landed on my hand.

I found a blujay feather and then a black feather in one day.

I have been having bad luck in the love department and financial department of my life. That night I got a text from a man that I met on two different dating sites we talked all night.

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I feel a real connection with him we have the same interests and I really like him. I am hoping that these feathers were telling me that everything will be ok. I really pray this is it. I found a blck Feather today and it gave me a feeling of joy… So I came across this page to look u the meaning and was pleased with what I found..

Early this am I was walking my dog before I left for work. I take the same route every morning. While walking I noticed something floating in the air; looked over and it was a feather falling to the ground. I felt like it was a Forrest Gump moment, but also knew that my angels were with me! I was just walking to the mailbox praying as I walked. I just went through a break up and quit smoking and am just trying to trust His will. I gave a quick thank you for all I see and I watched a rabbit jump across the driveway and one second later, a crow flew off a branch and dropped something right into my path.

It was a big feather. I came back into the house to look up the meaning of it. I knew it had to be a sign. Thank you for your website and if there is anymore meaning as to actually seeing the feather drop, please let me know. Thanks again! For years I have found feathers but today was xtra great my bird flew out of his cage and I went to find him and before I found him I found a big feather at the foot of my bed he is an African gray parrot what a beautiful gift.

I found the information you had about butterflies and feathers quite warming. Yesterday, 13 June , I had come across a magnificently large yellow and black butterfly that kept flying around me on my dogs and I afternoon walk. It was amazing and yes, a spiritual event. I speak to nature all the time of late and it feels as if it is speaking back to me.

I believe in angels and my intuition seems to be getting stronger.

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Now, today 14 June , on morning walk with dog, I came across a white and a black feather. Even though there are birds always around, especially wild turkeys, I do consider them signs. Thank you for the information to confirm my feelings and thoughts. I can only hope and pray my angels stay with me and visit with me often, for they keep me hopeful that things are going to be alright. I say this because of missing my belated father of 10 years now, and my dearest friend which his passing is coming up on three years this month.

They knew me better than anyone, and I miss them dearly. Today, I came across 3 white feathers! In the oddest places…I just lost my sweet girl Sona 2 weeks ago and had her cremated, brought her home for the first time since passing last nite. For about the last 10 months I have noticed that feathers just show up in my path.

Angels See through Eagles' Eyes: The Joyful Journey of an Earth Angel

They started showing up after a spiritual workshop I did in during which I got deeply connected to Source, the Universe as never before. Am I ready to fulfill what I say I want? Fear is my barrier from moving forward. Thank you for your posting. While fear will always be present my Angels will be there too. It brought tears of happiness and gratitude to my eyes and I felt so blessed? I have been contemplating a career change which already feels right in my heart. A crow has been following me around.

Not sure what it means.

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I lost my father a few years ago and he said he would come back as a hawk, could it be him as a crow? I read it means Angels are near. I have been suffering with Chronic Lyme Disease for many years. And I found a big gray- blackish feather today just when I was expecting a sign … Thanks to the universe, Angels and the light. Praying for you. Found two groups of three small brownish grey Feathers on my kitchen floor this am. Today marks the first year of my best friends Daughters death from a drug overdose. I was dreading today.

Love this. However today was the most unusual and funny place… I was talking to an older gentleman and a tiny small white feather was stuck to his right side of his chin and was moving as he was talking..

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The Universe finds ways to amuse us! Since my mum passed 26 april I find a few white feathers and i also found a blue one a black one i even found a purple one. Then when I woke up this morning there was a tiny brown and gray feather on my pillow. Feeling so angry an stressed today an looked down in my garden an found huge Brown an white feather.

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I usually just leave them where they are… Some people like to collect them and turn them into dream catchers or other decorations. I also found some other branches and picked them up. As I walked back I saw a feather then I saw another feather, and another….. I walked around the yard and I counted 7 feathers. So felt I was being blessed and maybe something I was praying for might get answered. What are your thoughts. God Bless. My husband of 19 years died by suicide 3 months ago. For weeks now I keep finding white feathers.


This is set on a bush walk. Whilst reminiscing of the good old days of how my friends and I loved hanging out there, and just loving being in the open.