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Do you know how graphics should be formatted in a paper? We break down the guidelines for you into separate, digestible chunks of information that range from the ways to present headings, to use of abbreviations, to how to format titles for citations. There are also several helpful citation examples for you to review. Read up and start learning today! Each one will teach you the structure of a Chicago-style citation, followed by a real-life citation example for you to examine. Then, discover why we have footnotes and how they work, or choose a "How to Cite" guide based on the source type you're using e.

You're in charge of your own learning path! Keep your citing skills current and your writing skills fresh by reading our weekly EasyBib Blog. You'll find articles about citing interesting source types know how to cite a meme? Aside from content that students or any writer could benefit from, we also feature posts written by educators, for educators!

They discuss writing and information literacy pedagogy, present resource recommendation lists, and generally share their experience and knowledge.

Visit our writing center and explore our library of engaging guides, articles, videos, lesson plans, infographics, and other informative resources on citing, writing, and the research process. Best of all, it's free, and you can visit it anytime you need assistance. Need it now? Simply go to our homepage and input keywords based on your topic into the search bar. A thesis statement identifies the purpose, scope and focus of the essay; it is the main argument, what you are trying to prove, in your essay.

Some instructors may suggest you phrase your thesis as a question. Be aware that the thesis statement will probably change as you do your research and write your paper! For example: Experts believe that without the proper preparation, training and equipment that a new mountain climber will face numerous difficulties.

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Some prefer to let their research guide them into developing a thesis statement and write it after they have done the majority of their research. While this method is fine to use, it is crucial that you stay focused on your topic, or you will end up with a weak thesis. Mapping Scheme: are your main points. This can sometimes be worked in with your thesis. Significance: A statement of significance tells the reader why you are making them read the essay and why your argument is important to consider.

Conclusion: Summarizes your argument and main points and also includes ideas or things you have learned from the topic. It also contains a statement of significance. The following link has a template for an essay outline: Essay Outline.

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It is at this stage that you may want to consider booking an appointment at the Writing Centre. Appointments can be booked in person, by e-mail , phone , or online. You are sitting in front of a pile of notes wondering how to turn it into the greatest essay ever written. This section will provide tips on writing the first draft.

The first, and easiest, thing to do is write, write and write. At this stage, do not worry about editing, grammar or your sentences making sense. Just focus on getting your ideas on paper. Do not worry if you do not know everything you are going to say before you begin. Often it is only through the process of writing that ideas emerge.

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If you are having trouble starting, or if you stall in the middle, write anything including random thoughts. Do not wait for the "perfect first sentence. While you are writing away remember to keep checking your focus. Are you still following the intended organization of your ideas? Are you still on track? Do your ideas flow in a logical order? Are you succeeding in developing your thesis statement?

It is also good to remember that you are attempting to create a logical presentation of what you know about the topic: the issue in question, the argument you are making, the facts that support your case, and the conclusions you have reached. Some people prefer to plunge right in and write the first thing that comes to mind.

But many of these people may already have a mental outline of what they want to say and are prepared to put their jottings into some cohesive order later. Whatever method works for you, it is the end result that matters, not how you got there. Refrain from making generalizations about facts with which you are not personally familiar. Rephrase the generalization into an opinion: "Many Americans seem to enjoy hamburgers, judging by the number of hamburger fast-food establishments in the country.

Most term papers should include a healthy balance of facts, opinions and interpretations, and conclusions based on the evidence in the paper. If you think that a particular piece of scientific research is flawed, a business plan is inferior, or a revered poem is junk, do not be afraid to say so. Just make sure you back up your opinions with evidence. Check your grammar. Look for punctuation errors, shifts in verb tenses, and overall to insure your paper makes sense. If you are not sure what to look for or how to fix something there are a number of grammar resources available that can give you step by step guides on a number of key grammar points.

The Writing Centre can also help you with resources and help you discover grammatical errors and how to avoid making the same mistakes in the future. There are also separate handbooks on writing specific kinds of university papers, such as book reports, lab reports, business reports and scientific and technical writing. We have listed a few of those at the end of this as well. When writing from your notes, make sure you avoid copying an author's words, unless, you acknowledge the source.

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For guidelines on documenting sources and compiling bibliographies and works cited lists, refer to a style manual; several are listed in the next section and many more are available at the Writing Centre. If your professor has expressed a preference for a particular format, use it! Check that each quotation and its acknowledgement are exactly correct. Remember that an author's ideas need to be cited whether you quote directly or not.

A list of Works Cited contains only the works you cite in your text; other references are excluded. Arrange the list alphabetically by the authors' surnames. Well-organized notes can be your best defense against unintentional plagiarism! You may find, after you have looked at all your research and finished your first draft that you are left with some gaps in your information. Sometimes gaps are not serious, and your information can be arranged to remove the gap.