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Bleu de Chauffe. Aveyron. Maroquinerie. Alexandre Rousseau cofondateur.

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We count them as one same fabric. Because of limited quantities of yardage, we were not able to make full size runs in all fabrics. As always, our shirt is not a replica, just an humble interpretation of a classic piece.

La grande aventure

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Availability date:. In France, the work jacket or 'bleu de chauffe' is worn by workers in almost all the manual trades: mechanics, plumbers, masons and peasants.

Bleu de chauffe, craft bags

Moleskin is a very sturdy cotton fabric woven in a particular way to produce a garment which is lustrous, silky, and soft to the touch. It takes its indigo blue from denim, its American cousin. Railway workers and mechanics wore a black bleu de chauffe, which didn't show the dirt as much. People in less dirty jobs masons, wine-makers preferred the blue bleu de chauffe.