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She says that not talking about her condition is not helping it any and that one must always choose the people who matter over the people who do not.

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Grandma is thrilled with the trip, and thrilled to be able to see all the loons on the island. Lucy is very sad to see them go. She and Nate text to keep in touch, and look forward to an autumn visit. In the autumn, Lucy watches as the last loon flies south for the winter. Read more from the Study Guide.

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View the Study Pack. Plot Summary. Chapters 1 — 5. Chapters 6 — Chapters 11 — Chapters 16 — Chapters 21 — Free Quiz. Readers will be absorbed in the well-paced plot, sympathize with the concerns of a likable protagonist, learn a bit about photography, and consider the impetus of using one's creative talent for good or ill. A deeply enjoyable read. The book sensitively depicts the complicated feelings and competing desires that afflict even ostensibly happy, middle-class families, understanding that things can be painfully amiss even when nothing big is wrong Put this poignant and restrained novel in the hands of a preteen girl who has it all, or just seems to.

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Through Lucy's thoughts and actions, Lord Rules elegantly conveys how complex stories can be told through moments frozen in time. It also introduces Alzheimer's disease in an understated and uniquely understandable way. During an unforgettable summer in New Hampshire, set against the backdrop of the photography contest, Lucy learns about the roots of family, the ties of loyalty, the power of storytelling and what it means to be a true friend.

Lucy's narration is believable, humorous, and beautifully reflective, encouraging readers to notice the small moments of wonder around them, both in their natural surroundings and in the humans in their lives.

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