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I think we need to focus on the fun factor of having sex. Totally going to do some of these things. Give each other feedback, express your desires and encourage each other. This post applies all throughout the year and not just for the mid February holiday. I would add to use music or a noise machine too, if she feels too reserved to make some noise. With time she can turn down the volume of the background noise as she feels more comfortable turning up her own volume.

Music is a must with teenagers and adult children in the house!!!! They are not deaf, blind or dumb, they need to know that mom and dad love each other, BUT…..

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My husband is more than a decade older than I am. You are a treasure! Christian women should be getting this kind of encouragement within our community, rather than from tabloids and movies. Happy Valentines to every sexually satisfied Christian Couple out there! He will know how to interpret them. I got giggly reading the word insert all through step I am laughing so hard right now!

Do you know the ah ha moment I just had with 1!!! My sex life grows cold in February because I am so cold!!!! I never thought to turn up the heat! I just left the socks on like a true Canadian! Thanks Sheila! I love all these! When we were dating we listened to the Beatles a lot. As a fellow blogger, I know it can be very difficult to control the ads that appear from this kind of affiliate link, but there may be some way to adjust the settings to prevent this kind of undesirable material from being promoted in this location. Rosemary, the ad you saw may have more to do with your web browser settings than with actual ads on this blog site.

On my Mac with pop up and ad blockers I actually see no ads at all on this site.

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So if someone mentioned a certain book, even in negative terms, and ad for that book might be displayed.

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For example, I have asked to block all political ads on my site. But there is a limit to how much control we have, and if we need advertising to support our blogs, then we are going to occasionally have something unwanted appear. I know Sheila would never intentionally advertise it. You say NO.

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  6. And there are all sorts of reasons why that may not be a good idea anyway. I have another post on why taking naked pictures may not be a great idea either. But then make the things that you are comfortable with super fun! Just one note, though: if your husband has a porn issue, then THAT is the issue. And that needs to be dealt with firmly first.

    Sheila, thanks so much for all this tips. My husband and I just made 28yrs. And our sex life has been great until recently. We have an appt. With a urologist next month so we are hoping he can help us. But in the mean time we are being creative.

    Trekking holiday in Morocco

    LOL got to love him but I want to be able to bring satisfaction to him also but not sure how. My husband and I always have sex with the lights on.

    The other night, he asked me to come into the bedroom and wake him up after getting the baby down. He was working early the next day and had gone to bed first. I sneaked in to bed, and left the lights off. It was a totally different experience! I quite liked it, actually. Hmmmm … interesting. Sheila, I know this was supposed to be a more lighthearted post about having more fun and feeling safe with your spouse.

    I believe to my core that humans are part physical, emotional and spiritual beings. I also believe to my core that intercourse is the ultimate expression of physical, emotional and spiritual intimacy with my wife. To me, touching and teasing during our time together is a given and very fun. Which is our ultimate expressing of vulnerability and acceptance. It almost hurts thinking one of us would experience ultimate intimacy alone, which in a sense is what exploring is. And we appreciate each others efforts. I guess if I had to choose one word to describe how I feel about only suggestion 6 it would be empty.

    We think too deep, too much and too personally and it can be difficult, sorry. So I think there was a misunderstanding, because taking time to learn about your spouse and having your spouse study you is definitely something mutual and intimate. Rebecca, Thank you for the quick reply. We partake in all of the above and follow where ever we lead each other willingly.

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    The end goal is the ultimate in intimacy. I came to this blog to help myself with a decades old internal struggle that prevented my true happiness.

    Top 6 woman on top sex positions you should try before 30 ⚠️(Erotic Content)🔥

    I searched for answers everywhere but found nothing. Please pass along my gratitude to Sheila for unknowingly starting my healing process. It means everything to me! On a side note is there any way to get a quick, honest answer to a big question without everyone reading it. Adult Games. Milftoon - Milftoon Drama - Version 0.

    Healslut - Version 0. Xtrypticstudio - Unforgettable Dinner [ Version 0. The Castaway Story Version 0. Lurkinghedgehog - Lust and Power [Version 0.