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Crooked Media may have launched with a slew of politics shows, most notably Pod Save America , but if you're not listening to the network's pop culture show Keep It, you're truly missing out. Hosted by journalist Ira Madison III, who is often joined by Kara Brown and Louis Virtel, the show is a weekly discussion podcast that breaks down what's happening in the entertainment world. The title comes from Madison's Twitter catchphrase "keep it," which is the two-word clap back Madison uses to shut down the trash news that comes through his Twitter feed.

But what makes the show especially good is the extreme amount of chemistry between the panelists as they provide pop culture analysis that's simultaneously thoughtful, brutal, and hilarious. Aaaaahhh remember the Baby-Sitters Club , that classic '80s and '90s children's book series about a group of babysitters who are just trying to earn a buck while also dealing with the challenges of growing up. Well, have you read those books again recently, as an adult? Hosts Jack Sheppard and Tanner Greenring have, and wow, those books are nothing like you remember.

How to be Funny in Any Conversation

Martin's classic novels, and deconstruct it. But what makes the show so hilarious are the many theories that Shepherd and Greenring generate about what's actually going on in the town of Stoneybrook. Is the Baby-Sitters Club marxist? And are the characters secretly in a parallel universe that's actually a beehive? Who knows, but after listening to this podcast, you won't be able to read The Baby-Sitters Club the same way again.

Sometimes life throws you a curve ball, and you just need a little bit of advice. And that's where Judge John Hodgman comes in. PC commercials arbitrates the petty grievances that crop of in our day to day lives. Whether he's deciding if a wife should be freed of her lifelong agreement to let her husband order the toppings of the pizzas they order or whether it's okay to meditate at work , Hodgman delivers very serious rulings to very absurd debates that'll leave you in stitches. Sometimes the best way to deal with news is to laugh at it, and for anyone who wants to poke fun at current events, there's Lovett or Leave It.

#1: Give the opposite answer to yes/no questions

Each week, host Jon Lovett is joined by comedians, journalists, and more to "deal with whatever bullshit came flying over the transom in our broken, insane political nightmare factory. Episodes are recorded live in front of an audience and include a mixture of discussions, pop quizzes, and games, which means you'll be just as informed as you are entertained.

You know those conversations with your best friend that get crazy because you hold absolutely nothing back. Once I have him standing next to me, I tell him that guys like us have to stick together and give him the t-shirt I had notified the video crew ahead of time so they could get a close up shot of the shirt so it could be read on the six giant screens in the convention center. This is great advice, Michael! They bail out at the last minute and the joke fizzles out.

Anyone, even introverts, can be funny when you just look for the humor in the situation. So go find the funny! Really cool list of tips on creating humor.. I have a big interest in humor.. I have seen speakers not giving time for audience to laugh and the next time audience might not laugh properly because they might loose out on hearing what the speaker has to say..

Michael — This is a gem of a post! I am bookmarking it and referring to it before I deliver any workshop. Although you meant this as a post about public speaking, I connected it to coaching. When we help clients see the incongruities in their current situation, when a powerful question can elicit a laugh or two, people get unstuck much faster.

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Humor has great power — to overcome fear and to engender confidence. Great advice and reasoning for number Be very, very careful of offensive and off-color humor. The golden rule you can take to the bank for the rest of your life in the spotlight is this: Bad humor selects weak targets. I have never heard it explained so well in such a few lines.

Stolen Child

Thank you! Michael, thanks for the great tips. Increasing humor in our communications will make us instantly more likeable and improve the quality of our delivery. I appreciate how unselfish you are in sharing your expertise. Thanks for sharing these tips. I love your opening story about how you asked everyone to send Texts to their clients. I loved tip 8. Committing to the joke is so essential.

How to Write Funny Dialogue: 5 Tips for Making Readers Laugh Out Loud | Writer's Digest

Michael, thanks for the outstanding formula for making people laugh. Thanks for your post, Michael! Thank you for the fuel for thought, and keep up the good work! I would like to add to this post is to avoid the obvious hack-joke. What is hackiness? He makes many of the same points you make here. I appreciate hearing them again as I continue to grow what I do!

I admire your ability to elicit laughter in any type of situation. I will follow your tips … and prepare to kill. Need to remember about tension and timing. Thanks for these great tips. We would add: test your funny stuff with a test audience not a deliberately sympathetic one before you deliver it in an important meeting or conference. Record or video yourself and review it to gauge the audience reaction — listen for the laughs while on stage, people smiling awkwardly at you could look like success to a less aware speaker.

Modify it if necessary. Having done this successfully beforehand can also add to your confidence when you deliver your humour on the important stage. Really bunch of insights of stand-up comedy. Name required. Email will not be published required. For the first time ever you can have the Book Yourself Solid Mobile app.

50 Short Corny Jokes That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

Do all of 49 exercises from the new book on your iPad. Save and print and get booked solid. This thing rocks. Call or write to us. From simple questions to complex, we have the answers. We love to hear from you we really mean that. Talking to the people we serve is the most important thing we can do all day. So holla at us via email,phone or in the box on right and we'll holla back.

A joke is often told in three acts. If you know how to tell a story, then you know how to tell a joke. It makes sense that laughter -- like any positive activity -- can affect overall health, Provine admits. But laughter is actually a very violent activity.

There may be something unique to laughter, but that research hasn't been done yet. She also is co-director of the UCLA Jonsson Cancer Center's Rx Laughter, a nonprofit project dedicated to helping the ill via humor and to supporting more scientific research on laughter. Stuber has found that when children watched funny videos -- while their hands were in ice water -- they could tolerate pain better, she reports. Children who laughed more assessed the experience as less unpleasant. They also had lower levels of cortisol, the stress hormone. Indeed, helping people change their view of life can lessen anxiety , reduce chronic stress -- adding laughter to their lives, she says.

Parents can teach their kids to see the funny side of life -- simply by seeing it themselves, Stuber says.

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Therapy can also help change the way you view life. One study showed that people who are able to laugh -- rather than being embarrassed or angry in certain situations -- tend to have fewer heart attacks and better blood pressure , says Stuber. It's just what it sounds like: people get together to laugh, to lose their anxieties in contagious laughter.

Among those who attend: someone with Stage 4 cancer , another person with a degenerative nerve disease, people who are really stressed out. The contagious quality inherent in laughter -- that's what helps bolster them, he says. I give people permission to laugh out loud, be silly, get rid of stress. They discover for themselves how to take life a little less seriously. People feel like they're constantly under barrage.

21 A+ Jokes About Books That Will Make You Snort-Laugh

Why not joke about it? Your ear hears it and you start laughing. Men's Health Feature Stories. No Laughing Matter Provine has spent a decade studying laughter. Do you seem to laugh more than others?

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