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It was a Christmas Eve when she goes to her mom and dad's place and she gets lost in her mind with all her problems like getting raped for a young age and having a baby and more, then suddenly the car lost it's control and crashed. While she was lying down, bloody in her crashed car, she saw her baby dead and also bloody, and she cried. She then knew and realized that she should start a new life with Jesus and asks Jesus to take care of her.

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She passed away but the baby her son lived. B4 now i never knew this had really any corrilation but now i see it. This song is about a lady going home for Christmas with her baby in the back seat. Her parents do not agree with her for having a baby with out being married.

She starts to get into an accident and she just gives up and she ask Jesus to take over. If it is His will that she and her baby lives then so be it but she puts her life and the life of her baby in to the hands of Jesus. I guess it's about a girl who was driving one night to her parents' home on Christmas night with her baby.

Then she began thinking about all the wrong things she had done in the past, and gets lost in them. The wheel goes out of control and the car then nearly escapes having an accident.

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That's when she truly realises that she should start all over again, starting with a firm belief in God. I happen to have a very different view of the song. I thing the whole crash thing is literal. I think this is the story of a woman who has had a very hard year at work and struggling to take care of all she has, and she has a lot on her mind.

Jesus, Take the Wheel Lyrics

In fact, since all this stuff in her mind causes her to lose focus on christmas, and as the car starts to skid on the road, she just prays to god or jesus that everything will be ok, and it does. This whole incident opens her eyes to how much she has neglected god and her religion.

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As a result of this incident, she becomes more faithful and religious. Hope you like!

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This is a song about her making some wrong decisions and having a kid everything it was going WAY to fast so she asking for any help and she asked Jesus to take all her problem lift off of her so she can be more FREEIER! Login Register Login with Facebook. All lyrics are property and copyright of their owners.

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