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Although this personality is not common to those days. Gangs are scared of him. He is a white wolf. White wolf protected this poor kid who was getting bullied. In the army we would call him white wolf. The series takes place in a "World of Darkness" for a modern setting, though there are variations of each of the older sets set in historical settings, including the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, and Western Pioneering.

Each sysytem in the series is pretty much self explanitory, have sub-races and can be mixed together. There were plenty of supliments, but only for details desired by the hardcore gamer or the more creative and dimentional storyteller dungeon masters for WW , and most weren't pricey, as they were usually paperbacks.

The games could be easily played with just the corebook for whichever system you played. Next came Exalted, which is a pre-World of Darkness universe that draws parallels to the old series, but bore a more DnD-like feel, setting-wise. This game was still excellent and preceeds the sell-out period.

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Orpheus , a new World of Darkness title that revolved around a scientific experiment to explore life-after-death, was the final core series to be released before long-time fans had their hearts broken. The New World of Darkness came out in the mids, starting with a core book just for the human side of the WoD, and currently only covers Vampire: the Requiem, Werewolf: the Forsaken, and Mage: the Awakening.

Buy all the suppliments and kiss that college tuition , n00b. No, really; that's how they set it up. And they're all hardcovers. White Wolf RPGs are played a level-free system, meaning that points in ceratin abilities determined your ability to do complex actions in the game, rather than being a "must be level 12 " fiend. Character sheets, which are supplied in the books, cover these abilities and attributes and allow for a character to be developed on paper more as an alternative identity rather than a character made only for battle and healing.

Occupations and locations are mostly free range. The game is played with pencil and paper and action successes are determined soley with a pool of ten-sided dice, rather than the various sided-dice in DnD. Example, a character wants to sneek past a guard. The storyteller might tell the player to roll their perception and subterfuge , and that the difficulty is 7. The player will add up the number of points they have in subterfuge and perception and roll that many dice.

I had her almost 10 years. If you have experience and understanding of animal behavior and know how to properly train an alpha animal.

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She went through fire yeah. Her coat was singed and her whiskers were curled every direction when she got to me looking like a cartoon animal that may have been drawn to do what she did.. One alone if you are experience enough to understand that their instinct response is in many ways different from domesticated dogs can be a wonderful thing. I don't think I would ever have more than one at a time. I have had up to 8 dogs at time and that occurs.

This was a really good video. It really gets the point across, wolves are totally misunderstood and they are not going to eat grandma first and then you. If I was ever fortunate enough to have another hybrid, it would also live in my house, share my fire, and the companionship of my family. Many people have wanted and taken hybrids for their pets not understanding that are not like dogs or wanting to take the time to understand them or respect them for what they are.


It isn't that people should not have hybrids -- it is not all people should have hybrids just like not all people should have dogs or other animals. There are people breeding hybrids for profit so this also contributes to sanctuaries being filled with them Mr.

This is truly some thing to treasure forever, I hope he gets to share his time again, and again with his ne ew found buddies. I would love to have this chance. To be that lucky. I wish I could enjoy that it would be great: If our stupid government don't put these beautiful animals on a no kill list this will be the only way anybody will ever enjoy them.

WOW is all I can say - This is a sign that everyone must heed - the Creator works in mysterious ways Magnificent animals and I love how they show such deep affection for this photographer : He has a true gift - God bless him and these beautiful animals. Mixture of emotions So jealous for one! But what a beautiful video. My youngest son had a hybrid [named Gypsy] and he was an amazing animal, stunningly smart, he talked all the time and he had an on going battle with my other son whom did not like him, Gypsy would purposely engage this son, and actually have, I fashioned an argument with this opponent Then on the other hand he was gentle and good with my toddler grandsons, and our other family dogs and our farm animals!

I loved him dearly I called him the Velveteen Wolf So beautiful thank you for sharing this video I have also dreamed of wanting to be among wolves like him to see this I would of never of believe it he does have a gift and so special moments. That is so amazing. I wish more people would see what a wonderful creatures they are.

Please put these beautiful animals back on the endangered list. Please stop the killing of the wolves. Let them live on peace!! It's all fun and games until someone gets eaten. That guy is nuts. Beautiful, yes, but nuts. I loved it Just because you had a bad experience with wolf hybrids doesn't mean that they all are like that. You must of did something wrong or they don't like you. Animals can tell your personality and wither you are a good or bad person.

I believe your reaching out and touching Gods beauty,I too have been kissed by wolves such honor,very beautiful. Welcome to fantasy Island.

These tame well fed wolves are not reality. Wild animals do not show this kind of behavior. I get so emotional watching this video. Wolves are all about family. They never attack humans and they do not joy hunt. When they hunt for food,they do so with absolute respect for their prey.

I admire them,respect them,love them and wish I knew how passionate I was about them when I was younger. I would like to have an impact of their safety and survival.

Vampire Daeva Kiss of the Succubus (Vampire: The Requiem (White Wolf))

So many people enjoy killing them for pleasure. No regards for life. I feel shame that the human race is the most feared animal on Earth. Its as if all wildlife is born knowing that.

Yes, this is awesome -- but remember that these wolves live in a park and are used to humans. They are probably used seeing and even being fed and handled by park staff. They aren't really wild, and obviously weren't hungry. In addition, Mr.

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Sloan is the park photographer and is a trained handler. The wolves are used to seeing and being handled by him. From the park site: "Monty Sloan has been working with captive wolves since where he got his start as an undergrad student at UC Berkeley. Aside from photography, Monty is a senior wolf handler at the Park. Wolf handling, management and care are just a few of his duties. He also assists in research and lectures at the many behavior seminars on wolves given at Wolf Park.

Anyone who has properly cared for ANY animal or seen cases of animal abuse will be well aware that it's not the animal, it's the way it's treated.

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It would be possible to own any animal as a pet, providing it was from a young age, and form close bonds and attachments with them as they grow, regardless of whether the animal is domestic or wild. It is equally as possible for a domestic animal who grew up in the wild or was mistreated to become vicious and feral. There are plenty of examples of 'friendly' dogs attacking people due to abuse, even commonly kept breeds, and just as many examples of so-called 'nasty' breeds being perfectly loving pets. I own a dog which is built like a wolf, and basically looks and acts like a wolf in many ways, and I could guarantee that he wouldn't hurt a fly, let alone anything or anyone else, due to being looked after correctly.

He is a kind, gentle and loving dog.

I personally believe that dogs of the 'wolfish' variety are more loving and rewarding pets than the little scrappy things you can get, some of which appear more vicious towards my dog on walks than the bigger, 'scarier' breeds. I have had two myself. Not at the same time and both were wonderful dogs with our family.

Protective of the little ones, but not unruly or vicious. They did it again, we did not find him, about a month later, our neighbor in MN said he was sitting on our front porch, dirty and thin. He found his way back to where he grew up with the family. A happy ending we had found him.