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Fear is only a product of the ego and the ego hates you. Its not your enemy to loath because its only doing what it knows how to do. Fear is an illusion that the ego uses to keep you nice and controlled.

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Pushing past your fears and having the courage to do so will help lessen the egos self loathing control over you. It will build more confidence as well as help you love yourself more because loving yourself is your natural state buried underneath the ego. I have a question… you touched a little on ignoring negative thoughts specifically… Now when you say ignore do you actually mean acknowledge them? Because I just tend to think that by acknowledging them for what they are, we can bypass conscience and unconscious resistance all together… let me know what you think. Accept the thoughts.

Negative thoughts are going to come up.

Yeah totally agree with you on this one leigh, I got really depressing thoughts during a trip a while back, I just let them come, I listened, I felt the pain, in the end I was feeling great. I know if many people who have trouble with it, so appreciate being able to go normally and finding relief and eliminating all that stuff not needed.

Great article! This is where regrets come in and haunt us. It takes time, but there are legitimate reasons we did certain things in the past. The brain loves to play on us to exist, so you can always say, ok, I got it. Thanks for pointing it out. It is short only for those who stop at 50 and vegetate later on. Your email address will not be published.

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