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This dog was bred to be a large-size dog pet alternative to the Cockapoo. Judging from its popularity, the breeders succeeded in their purpose. The Goldendoodle is not just a pet. It can also be a sniffer dog, guide dog, service dog, or therapy dog. From its Schnauzer parent side, the dog is very sturdy, unlike some lap dogs. Loyal, fun, smart, and affectionate, the dog tends to be independent and stubborn sometimes.

The coat of the Schnoodle requires some maintenance like trimming and grooming. Expect the dog to be an avid digger, and it tends to hold blankets along with toys with its front paws like hands.

Poodle crossbreed

Along with the Cockapoo, this was one of the mixed Poodle breeds that during the s and 60s. However, the Peekapoo has not been given much attention like the Cockapoo, but for the last five decades, the breed has gotten enough notice. It is not an uncommon thing for a small mixed dog breed to excel in being a watchdog, but the Peekapoo does that job. If the dog sees a person it thinks is suspicious, it will bark loudly. This dog is the kind of dog that enjoys physical activities such as obedience and agility competitions. The Yorkipoo is good at performing tricks for the benefit of its owner and visitors.

Possessing boundless love and energy the Yorkipoo with its low-dander, the low-shedding coat is the ideal lap dog for people of all ages. Like other mixed Poodle breeds, the Yorkipoo excels at training, but be sure to use positive reinforcement on the dog and avoid any harsh methods of training it. Pinpointing the exact origins of some Poodle mix breeds is futile at best.

Nobody knows of the Pomapoo origins, but what is certain is that the dog is friendly, intelligent, and affectionate. Some Pomapoos are eager to meet other people while some are a bit reserved.

51+ Poodle Mix Breeds

These traits may be due to the socialization training it went through. This dog is highly adaptable to the lifestyle of its owner and daily walks, as well as playtime keep it in shape. Whether your home is in the suburbs with a big backyard or a small apartment, the Shihpoo will fit it in all of them.

9 Cute Small Poodle Mixes Designer Dogs 101 Mix Breeds

This delightful, fun-loving dog likes to play with its family or run around the home as a means of exercise. Though the dog can be stubborn, it has the gift of cheering up people, especially those who are sad. Like any other mixed Poodle breeds, the Chipoo is not a pure-bred dog. You can expect the Chipoo to have an independent, possessive, and stubborn.

2. Bichon Poodle – Bichon Frise and Miniature Poodle

Training will tone down these traits, though it will be a challenging one. A small outgoing, healthy dog that gets along with kids and has a coat that does not shed is the goal of dog breeders. Households with children or other pets are no hindrance to the dog. The cute and lovable Poochon requires half an hour or more of exercise daily to keep it healthy.

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Surprisingly the dog has other names like Dachshunddoodle, Doxiedoodle, and Dachshundpoo. However, the name Doxiepoo is the name preferred by dog lovers since its pronunciation is shorter. The Doxiepoo is one of those dogs that take more traits and characteristics from one parent. If the dog is mostly Poodle, it possesses a hypoallergenic coat and is an intelligent dog, making its training easier. On the other hand, if the dog takes more from its Dachshund parent, the fur it possesses is short, making grooming an easy task. Additionally, its frame is lower and longer.

This dog breed is new, unlike other Poodle crossbreeds. Crossing these two dogs always has a thing, but Sherry Rupke of Swiss Ridge Kennels is the first breeder who intentionally bred the two dog breeds. As a result, we have a dog that is headstrong yet intelligent, playful, affectionate, and energetic.

The Bernedoodle is suitable for singles, seniors, and families. Without a doubt, the Bassetoodle is a cute, fun, yet curious dog. Because of its innate curiosity, the dog may often wander off on its own. So when taking the Bassetoodle out for a walk, be sure to supervise its activities and try leashing it for additional control. The dog likes to overeat, and as a result, it will gain excess weight as well as becoming obese. Just adjust the exact amount of food it needs for nourishment. Some dogs are not very receptive to harsh methods when it comes to training.

The Boxerdoodle is one of these dogs. Boxedoodles are intelligent and smartly makes training them easy. However, the dog is sensitive, so being harsh is not a good thing. The best way to make the dog respond to training is to use rewards and treats for doing something right. However, do not be too lenient to your pet. Be consistent, firm, and fair in your dog training.

Balance your training regime with discipline and kindness. The results are a Boxerdoodle that is obedient and fun. Poodle mix-breeds are happy, affectionate, friendly, gentle, social, and loyal dogs. The lovable Bossi-poo has all of these traits.

Poodle Mixes - Top 21 Most Popular Poodle Mix Dog Breeds

Make sure that your Bossi-Poo plays with kids safely, and some supervision on your part is a must. The Cavapoo is another of those mixed Poodle breeds that appeared during the s in America. The most noticeable distinctive feature of the dog is its long ears.

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Cavapoos are loyal, friendly dogs that are social and playful. They fit right in with just about anyone, though children playing with the dog will need supervision to prevent unintentional harm. This dog is another good choice for those who want a lap dog with minimal shedding hair. Lhasa Poos are affectionate and smart dogs. You can see that the Lhasa Poo carries itself with pride and dignity. Love and attention are what the dogs seek from their owners and families. If you have other pets, the Lhasa Poo will have no problem with them.

1. Havapoo – Toy Poodle and Havanese Mix

Crossbreeding Poodles with other dogs produces cute Poodle crossbreeds like the Eskapoo. Though small, the Eskapoo is a sturdy dog with a short-muzzled round head and a broad chest. The coat of the dog has a soft curly top with a dense undercoat that resembles that of a Poodle. The dog possesses many traits that endear it to its owner.

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  • However, the Eskapoo is a loud barker, so be mindful of this habit when you have neighbors living close to you in their houses or apartment rooms. If you want a lap dog that is active and intelligent, the Jack-A-Poo is all of that. The Jack-A-Poo , like some mixed Poodle breeds, needs exercises to keep it fit and healthy. A walk in the park is the right place to do exercise as well as play. The intelligent of the dog allows for easy training. This adorable companion dog is a brilliant, affectionate, and friendly pet. They are usually medium-sized canines that have a slim and powerful body.

    They have a curly coat that is soft to touch. More so, they come in various colors and patterns, making them unique from one another. The Australian Shepherd and the Poodles are both intelligent breeds; thus, their cross offsprings are even smarter. The Aussiedoodles have a great perception, very friendly, and have a happy temperament. Likewise, families with kids will love having them around as they are energetic, playful, and devoted pets.

    Additionally, these dogs love being with their people and need to live indoors; thus, they must not outdoors. They are easy to train and are exceptionally friendly with kids. Typically, these dogs come in black, black with white, red, and white colors. They are likely to be trained to become watchdogs, but they are also serving as Therapy dogs and companions. Sheepadoo is also a great family pets and companions. They are mostly calm, gentle, and smart; thus, they are highly trainable. If you want a pet that is great with kids and reliable guard dog, this hybrid is the perfect choice for you.

    Bordoodle mix-breeds are increasing in popularity because of their adorable looks and characteristics. They are considered a designer breed that is a cross between a Border Collie and a Poodle. These dogs are the perfect companion pets as they are friendly, active, and brilliant.