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La prévention médicale - Persée

MLA Johnson, Brian. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, APA Johnson, B. Because it is the ideology of the right to protection, right to health of these individuals. Right to education as well. The right to protection. The right to not be separated from their families.

The right to express their opinions and to be heard as well. And finally the right to be able to fulfil the various covenants that protect the rights of children as well. I will work for the eradication of this type of violence.

« Qu’est ce que l’homme ? Éléments d’anthropologie catholique » : texte intégral

This is one of the priorities of the Spanish state as well. But above all, each time we say this, each time we receive messages of a xenophobic nature, and they are increasing in all Member states, it is our responsibility to protect these children so that there is no discrimination against these children as well.

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We have to be able to overcome these types of problems. And there is a clear message to society. Always be positive. Always issues positive messages on this type of issue. Europe has to wake up ladies and gentlemen. This particular message in this migratory issue.

"Le suicide, et après ?", avec David Sabat, Nicole Le Moine et Sylvie Berenguier

Europe has to wake up and we have to provide the help that we can. Help you very much ladies and gentlemen. Mesdames et messieurs. Pleine de passion. Il y a eu des discussions difficiles, parce que les questions que nous traitons sont des questions difficiles. Ce que je dois faire tous les jours en tant que politicien. Faites-en plus et beaucoup plus vite. Deux questions avant tout. D'abord les ressources. Soyez toujours positif. Ce message particulier dans cette question migratoire. Je vous remercie beaucoup.

I would like to thank the rapporteur for his report on the issue of violence and exploitation of migrant children. As a rapporteur on missing refugee and migrant children in Europe, I believe that the problem of violence against children and missing children are closely linked.

The measures taken to combat violence and exploitation of migrant children, presented in this report, will certainly help to prevent more migrant children from disappearing. Some refugee and migrant children travel with their families. Others, alone, still risk their lives in search of a better life. When children and young people feel that they have no choice, no future, and no legal or safe alternative to emigration, they take matters into their own hands. Facing even greater risks of exploitation, by falling into the claws of smugglers and human traffickers.

Children on the move are vulnerable to abuse and other forms of serious violence, before, during and also after their journey. There is an urgent need to identify children, register them, and then put in place appropriate procedures to help them. So we can build trust with them as quickly as possible. Ensuring that everything is going well, taking immediate responsibility for the child, involving cultural mediators and mobilizing members of the host community, are crucial measures to establish this relationship of trust, and protect children from smugglers, traffickers or severe pressure on their families.

These measures will pave the way for a strong and appropriate system, to ensure that no child is exploited or abused.

I would like to extend my gratitude to both rapporteurs for their reports. Sustainable Development Goals constitute a transformative and universal agenda with an imperative of leaving no one behind. They address specific forms of violence and harm towards children, such as child marriage and female genital mutilation, the eradication of child labour, including the recruitment and use of child soldiers. The inclusion of ending violence against children as a specific target among the Sustainable Development Goals is of utmost importance.

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It has adopted a number of resolutions and recommendations, producing groundbreaking standards and norms. This report too, successfully addresses violence against children, and provides significant input for national governments on how to combat violence against children. Although there is still a long way to achieve Sustainable Development Goals, as a member of this Assembly, I can proudly express my gratitude for the great work done in this field so far.

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Violence against children takes place all around the world, regardless of culture, class, education, income and ethnic origin. It occurs in institutions designed for their care and protection. In schools, online, and also within the home. In this sense, combating violence against children requires a concerted effort at both national and international levels. In our country, Turkey, the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Services, leads the efforts to combat violence against children in collaboration with other ministries.

The Ministry carried out a number of projects in this field, and established child houses and child support centres. These institutions aim at providing services to meet social, psychological and physical needs of child victims. Currently, they are operating in 34 provinces across Turkey. Turkey will continue to intensify its efforts to combat violence against children. Finally, as correctly stated in the report, national parliaments need to step up their involvement in the implementation and monitoring of the target of ending violence against children.

As a parliamentarian, I believe that we have an opportunity, and the constitutional responsibility to play a significant role in supporting and monitoring the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals. I reckon that, the valuable contribution of the parliamentarians to combating violence against children, is particularly critical. Je voudrais remercier les deux rapporteurs pour leurs rapports. La Turquie continuera d'intensifier ses efforts dans ce combat.

The risks that unaccompanied and separated migrant children face are continuing to grow as war, poverty, and conflict keep forcing people out of their homelands.

Honoré de Balzac

The number of migrant children has grown immensely in the last decade. Since the beginning of the civil war in Syria, Turkey received around 4 million Syrian refugees. Moreover, 1 million and 40, of them are children aged between five and The total number of schooled migrant children in Turkey is , After securing the region from war on terror, Turkey also carried out essential educational activities in Northern Syria. I'm a politician of Gaziantep city located on the Syrian border and where we are hosting around , Syrian refugees.

In this manner Gaziantep can be described as a breakwater city from a migration point of view for both Turkey and Europe. The main objective to protect the migrant children from abuses and other harmful effects of migration must be to keep them inside their families and communities.

We all have to know that to separate migrant children from their families is more traumatic than war and migration. Moreover, this is a vital point for them. Psychological support for migrant children and their families who lost their past and future about life is also vital for the future hope and life. They also need to be schooled and strengthened economically to protect themselves against all kind of exploitation. A large section of children who arrived in this significant refugee-attracting countries in Europe was either unaccompanied or separated from their parents.

Though the number of migrants seeking refuge in Europe has decreased, the number of migrant children has risen. Consequently, the number of children who fall prey to traffickers and abusers is on the rise. Children fleeing violence are still not safe when they arrive in the receiving countries. The lack of safety and security at the facilities make these young migrants even more vulnerable to risks. We all have to know that the children never know what border is. Moreover, do not let the borders kill and stop children.

C'est d'ailleurs un point vital pour eux. Dear colleagues, there are such topics and problems that never lose actuality and in fact it is important to do something every day related to their solution. It doesn't matter but most of the issues are related to children and it is about achieving the protection of their rights.

The report around which we share views urges Member States to comply with the principles of the Convention on the rights of the child.