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So why does Jay insist on suggesting that resilience is something other than usual, that it requires some superpower?

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Attitude matters too: It literally bends biology. Indeed, studies show that an optimistic approach blunts reactivity to stress, curbing the outpouring of hormones that can debilitate body and mind. But that is akin to calling someone who recognizes that infection can confer lifelong immunity a cheerleader for mumps. These Mandarin Ducks are made of pink quartz and they sit on a lotus leaf.

Remember when Amazon only sold books?

Considered in the Chinese culture as some of the most beautiful birds in the world, in Feng Shui , they represent a powerful symbol of eternal love and happy couples. Also, in the Feng Shui tradition, the pick quartz ties destinies and has the capacity to help you make peace with someone after a fight. The Lotus flower on which the Mandarin Ducks are sitting is adding benefits to this symbol of love. The Lotus flower is considered a lucky and auspicious flower. At the same time, it is the symbol of purity and harmony.

Anyway I can buy any real book in our value village stores goodwills etc for 60 cents up to 1 dollar - we have plenty of them and I can find literally any of what I need, just need time. Can find there any book within 1 year gap or less, just have to wait a little bit, sometimes it is less than a year. Have pretty good collection of books with history. What do they think??? The article breakdown on costs associated with the book are the exact reason. In digital you only have the author, the retailer, and publisher.

All the others are cut out and should then lower the cost. Digital should be a boost to authors a way for people to purchase books cheaper but still purchase. I know many people that buy books at thrift stores or do book swaps. If digital was cheaper the way it should be it would bring in some of that revenue. No, you still need all of the behind the scenes people, the editor, layout artist, cover artist, etc.

I'm also wondering what different coding needs to go into the ebook version because my Kindle books seem to rearrange themselves to still flow correctly if I change the font the size, not the typeface, mind you. I've seen books without proper editing and it's a nightmare. You always need an attentive second set of eyes on a document. Don't scrimp on the editors.

But wait there is more. Aside from the principle the retailer has to ship the book for free in the case of Prime and that also cuts the profit of the hardcover.


And for the Kindle I have to put up with the ads so Amazon is getting revenue from that to augment its overhead. It doesn't make me happy because I still feel an ebook should not be more expensive than a physical book but if the difference isn't big and I really want the book I still get it. But there is a limit. This doesn't make me buy a book, it makes me angry. It feels like the publisher is trying to rip me off because they feel they can assuming that so late in a series anything will be paid by the people who have followed a story this long.

Most of the comments about digital format are rubbish. There are free apps that will reformat a book in about 30 seconds. Any format you want. What you see in book prices is a very old model being retrofitted to the new era of digital books. People, for the most part, have reconciled themselves to paying outrageous prices for hard and softcovers. The fact that the production costs are fixed for the first run of books seems to be ignored in the article.

Publishers have been known to reprint books many times, even sell the rights many times. They are not making a small amount of money on a good first run. How could they pay six digit advance royalties? The fixed costs of production, promotion, distribution, and middlemen are done.

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Perhaps royalties are paid to the writer depending on the individual contract. The only cost is storage and server space. The cost is insignificant to the price of ebooks. All the heavy lifting happens as the original book is released. What you see in the e-book price is the calculated demand and how much they can charge for it.

They know they can always release it again and price it less or sell the rights to someone else. The costs are insignificant to make a book compared to the monetized rights of the original manuscript. When you buy an ebook, you own it as you would a paperback or hardcover edition. You have paid to own it.

Sitting Ducks - By Michael Bedard

With a Kindle, I can buy and download an ebook to my Kindle or use the Kindle app which is available for Windows, Mac, etc. When using the app, the ebook is downloaded to your PC in a format compatible with your e-reader. That file can be shared just as any other file can be shared. The other reason I use a Kindle is the 'send-to-Kindle' feature. This feature allows you to email a. So yes, the model seems to be broken. Ebooks should not cost more. But you can borrow ebooks from friends or find books in other formats and convert them.

For the very expensive new books, I wait for the price to drop and find other books to read in the interim. When I got my Kindle, a lot of the classics were available for free in the Kindle store. If you're paying for them there, either you need to look at a different edition or Project Gutenberg as you said. I had an original Nook device when the ebook trend first started. I chose nook over Kindle because nook had the option of lending the books to other nook owners.

My grandmother and I were fast readers and we would read and switch books, so I bought her a nook as well so we could share, plus she was house bound so it was easy for her to access new books.

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Within a year of purchasing the nooks, the lending option was gone. The price of ebooks has increased, and I remember one of the main draws for purchasing an ereader was that the ebooks were cheaper.

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  • I think publishers are setting the prices high because people are lazy and will pay it, not because they won't make profit if they set the price lower. I won't pay more for an ebook than I would for the physical book. As much of my reading is of the mystery-thriller genre, that means I won't pay more than the paperback price of the book. I've got a long list of books I'll buy if the price becomes reasonable.

    Some have been on the list for years. There are some I prefer to listen to, and I like to buy the audio CD sets for those. I'll pay whatever those cost, up to a point which varies by how much I want a particular book.

    Kindle Singles

    But most of my reading is now on my Kindle, and I'm finding plenty of lower price offers while I wait for prices to drop on my list. I believe the answer is hogwash. If you factor in printing, handling, and shipping the paperback or hardcover book cost appreciably more to get to the consumer. Also this book can be shared and resold.