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And Hawkins will continue tae hunt ye like an animal until he has killed ye and our wee bairn. She saw the determination on his face and knew there was no changing his mind. He felt responsible for having dragged her into his 23 rd century war. She stared at her hands, not wanting to look at him. A tear escaped the corner of her eye and he brushed it away. He brushed the hair from her face, his thumb lightly grazing her cheek bone. We need this, lass. What then? The outcome is still the same…war. He pulled her to her feet and she followed him back to the opening of the bridge. Her breath hitched as Duncan scooped her into his arms and jumped easily to the ground below.

His genetically enhanced strength still surprised her.

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Setting her on her feet, Duncan indicated she should lead the way. The richly designed dresses were a symbol of her elevated status in this century, and while the gowns were quite beautiful, she missed her 21st century go-to outfit of t-shirt and jeans. She stopped when she spied an old power line that had become part of the graveyard of 21st century relics. Hesitating, she glanced behind her to see if Duncan had noticed the old coils, but he seemed unconcerned. She shrugged her shoulders and stepped over the large coil, unsure whether she even needed to avoid the massive lines.

Still, she gave the lines wide clearance. Duncan caught up to her as she made her way to the end of the road where erosion and war had left a gaping hole where asphalt used to be. The gap was too wide for her to jump.

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If she fell, she would injure herself and their unborn child. She started to protest, but before she could say anything, they were on the other side. She slid off his back and marveled at how easily he had maneuvered the ft wide hole. Sneak Peek November 25, 0. More News.

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Series Review: Pretty Little Liars by Sara Shepard [SPOILER FREE]

November 19, 0. The one between Tella and her boys. Jacks and Tella had a hate relationship, but when they needed each other, that changed. Yes, Tella was always confused about her feelings, she never knew what to do and that made us confused too. All in all I think the relationships were interesting, confusing and really entertaining and probably one of the better things in the book.

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And it got even better in book three. Even though I thought Scarlett plain in book one, she developed in book three. All in all: The author is really talented and entertained us with every page passing. Moments so precious the universe stretches to make additional room for them. View all 10 comments. May 21, C. Drews rated it it was amazing Shelves: read , 5-star , best-of , young-adult , epic-fantasy.

Look, I won't lie: I am absolutely in love with Legendary. And then here we have Finale to round it all off, and There are spots I'm disappointed in? But over all it was the magical feast of wicked delight that I was waiting for. Actually, this, still. I haven't listened to it on audio yet, son, i will be back.

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So straight off it was quite differently paced. I did miss the fact it had less structure? But I am addicted to structure lmao so that's on me.

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I continue to love her best but kind of felt Scarlett got dealt a dirty hand here with little to do. Obviously this one centres around Fates and magic and pretenders for the throne and the all consuming ache of deciding when to risk your heart with love. I am starry-eyed at the perfection. And the plot twists??

I screamed over one in particular. Ok wow now that I type it Paradise Lost?!!? Well played, author, well played. Also it was jus tso wholly freaking fantastic that Scarlett gets to be empress. I mEAN. The sheer level of prettiness?! I love pretty things ok. This book is unapologetically gorgeous and each page is a treat. Like her character development is perfect, her attitude is like a fire cracker fell in love with a treasure load of gems and she's just so full of vivacious life.

LOVE her. She's also unapologetic about being into lovely things and being badass. And also she wants a boy to kiss her? So she kisses him. I feel bad for her, but I was just so uninvested in her chapters? In Caraval she shone. Here she's kind of playing a petty romance game with Julian and [name redacted], while Tella is over there witnessing horror and magic gone feral. And I loved the moment when Scarlett just called him OUT and is basically like "you think you're badass but you're a marshmallow".

Argh I freaking adore him. No spoilers but sir was wicked and loving, dark and yet sometimes vulnerable.