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I have just been standing back, trying to take the time to heal and care for my heart. And this person continues to throw her darts at my heart. I appreciate your post. It is very helpful. Take all the time you need. If you need someone to listen private message me any time. Blessings and hugs!

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Hi Aimee from experience I can say set boundaries so that that kind of abuse wont continue to happen … its hard but it helped for me! Look into the topic of setting boundaries, it really helps the healing proses! You know Deb, as a pastor I face this a lot.

How to Survive a Breakup and/or Heartbreak -Teal Swan-

I invested almost years in a male friendship. We rode bikes, at lunch, he visited in my home, attended church and Bible study, then suddenly just dropped off the map. He wants no contact with me or anyone in the church. It is sad because he is a hermit without my extrovertism. Praying he returns to your faith family. This breathes love and forgiveness Deb, and you lead by His example. His grace makes it possible for the wounds in our soul to heal.

Reading your words and pondering His Word, Psalm has never been more real to me. Praying for mery in your remember and the conquering power of Love for the hurting places and people. May He be the reconciler of all that is lost. Love, Dawn. Thank you Dawn. His grace truly is sufficient. Blessings to you my friend! Amazing post, Deb! Thank you so very much for sharing such wisdom! Infinite blessings to you, Love! This post was so helpful , thank you for sharing. People want to be loved and when rejection comes , we tend to withdraw and try not to get hurt again, but if we follow your steps we will heal and recover just like Jesus.

Oh, thank you Vonda! It is tempting to withdraw and hide to protect ourselves from hurt. But in the protecting we miss so many opportunities to love and be loved. Your kind encouragement blessed me.

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Deb, this is beautiful and so true! I only wish I had stumbled upon this last October when my heart was broken. Thank you for sharing your words. Beautifully said, Deb. Thank you. I needed to read this. So good to have this reiterated. I lost the closeness of a friendship…a friend that was in my daily life. In fact, we live next to each other. I have resorted to spiritual guidance and prayer. We talk from time to time and are polite to one another but the closeness is gone and tension remains. Thank you again.

Surviving a Breakup, Broken Heart: Counseling Tips

I will be sharing this. This is like a dose of love straight to the heart. When we do these things we can replace all of our irritation and frustration with life affirming actions. I need to do this more and more. But, I will go to God. Thank you for these truths; I will hold on to them.

Cheering you on from the RaRalinkup on Purposeful Faith. Thank you Dawn,for sharing so many wonderful tips abut forgiveness and seeking our God through it all. I was so blessed to have found your post. Dear Deb, God bless you more and thanks for your wonderful post. It is for me, Glory to God for sending me His word. Praying God will give you His peace and comfort as your surrender your hurting heart to Him and fill your future with reasons to rejoice! God bless you.

Deb, My daughter just called me because her boyfriend of 3 years just broke up with her. Her heart is breaking and therefor so is mine. I am reading the words but the pain is too raw to sink in. How do I help her through this pain? Being consumed by anger, sadness, envy, or frustration is somehow, ironically, just what you need to make a positive change. Courage is moving through this difficult time, breathing through it, one step and one breath at a time. A good life is a collection of moments, some good and some bad, that ultimately form the puzzle of your life.

How to Survive Your Broken Heart

If you feel the tears welling up, let yourself cry. Let your tears carry the emotions out of your system. Let them blot out the darkness and lead you down the road to healing. To your suffering add understanding, patience, love, openness, and the willingness to remain vulnerable. This too shall pass. Do things truly end, then? Open your heart to what you don't know and can't see. You are worth time, worth energy, worth worship.

Your delicate enchantments are a holy wine. Silver aura of my moon. Song of my air. My afternoon shadows. My divine messenger. The literature of stars is in your very pores. When the sun sets, look for the stars. Your heart has infinite depth. Though breaking, it still beats with devotion. The love that breaks your heart is the same love that will heal it. For a reminder every night of the peace inside you, get a copy of my book, Sleep Affirmations: Phrases for a Deep and Peaceful Sleep. Take care of yourself. Let yourself rest. I liked no 7 thoughts"You grief is here to teach you something.

P.S. I Love You

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