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It is essential to follow the explanations of the techniques and the pictures which go with them very carefully, to achieve the typical sound of the Flamenco stroke, which is the main point in this book. If the practice pieces on the CD sound better than your own playing, it is not because of my guitar or the recording technique, but solely because of the stroke and the tone production. Listen to the examples on the CD as often as possible to get a feeling for phrasing, articulation and tone production. I hope you enjoy this book and I wish you every success with the Flamenco guitar.

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The traditional posture of the Flamenco guitarist is ideal for your back and spine see picture 1. The guitar rests against the upper part of the body and is held tightly between thigh and upper arm. Do not support the guitar at any other points. Certainly not with your left hand picture 1. Your thighs should be horizontal, your seat at knee level or, better, below your knee. The reason for the percussive tone of a good sounding rasgueo is not the extremely low action of the strings, but because the strings are struck towards the tapa top of the guitar.

The face of the index fingernail should strike the strings Only the index finger is pressed against the thumb to build up tension. The remaining fingers may join in the movement but should never be pressed against the thumb. This gives the impression that a lot of guitarists execute the downstroke with all fingers The downstroke and upstroke with the fingers can be combined in countless ways, and there are two different kinds of rasgueos: the finger rasgueo and the hand rasgueo.

The most important thing about the finger rasgueo is building up a short tension in the fingers and then flicking them off immediately. In the past, the 5-finger rasgueo was still in use q-a-m-i or q-a-m-i-p whereas today, the 3-finger rasgueo is most commonly used. The less fingers are involved in playing a rasgueo, the more difficult it gets to keep the intervals between the fingers. The result should always be a definable and transparent rasgueo. Again, the thumb is placed, or rather anchored, on 6 and is bent.

The basic position is the same as that of the one-finger To avoid damaging the tapa, a golpeador pickguard is glued on between the puente bridge and the boca soundhole. Self-adhesive films are available from specialist shops if you want to retro-fit a pickguard.

But always carefully consider At the beginning, it is very difficult to perform a golpe at the same time as a downstroke with the index finger, because a and i have to move in opposite directions, which is quite unfamiliar. While i plays the strings, i. All 3-finger rasgueos are called tresillos triplets in Flamenco, erroneously including rasgueos which are not notated as triplets.

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One of these tresillos, the rasgueo No rasgueo is played in so many different ways as the tresillos. On closer examination, all of them are consistent and justified. On the one hand, they were created for reasons of sound or lack of velocity and on the other hand because of physical disabilities. Many tocaors - some of them famous people - who were missing one or even two fingers of the right hand or who were paralysed, created a new rasgueo out of necessity. Also, some guitarists invented different rasgueos or fingerings to They were made of local wood which was cheaper than the precious woods from "America Latina".

Not only did TORRES invent the modern guitar, but he was also the first guitar maker who began to differentiate between the Flamenco and the classical guitar. The Flamenco guitar is much lighter than the classical guitar. That is not only because it is made of cypress wood, but also, as mentioned in Lesson 1, because the walls When playing arpegio arpeggio the thumb is always played apoyando, unless the Arpegio Exercises Iand II should also be practised with p-m-i-a, p-m-a-i, p-a-i-m and p-i-a-mas well as with i-p-m-a and a-p-m-i.

The traditional Flamenco tremolo is played in a quintuplet. The sequence is p-i-am-i, the thumb is again placed on the string apoyando.

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All finger combinations of Tremolo Exercise I should be practised for a while to make the tremolo sound nice and round. The brilliance and velocity are achieved merely by the postion of the hand.

In this technique, the thumb is always This stroke creates the typical Flamenco picado which has become a standard. Not only in toque, but also in cante and baile. Since it doesn't exist in any other kind of guitar music, colleagues from other genres often ask me how it works.

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And since it is mostly played very fast, it is absolutely impossible to see the sequence of strokes. The best way of describing the sequence of strokes is as a threefold movement, which doesn't mean, however, that it has to be a triad. The development of this musical phenomenon is based on a variety of cultural influences, social tensions and the exlusion of ethnic groups such as gipsies, Jews and Moors in southern Spain.

Finding the origins of Flamenco is difficult, since there are only very few written records from past centuries. To investigate its early roots it is necessary to explore the cultural history of Andalusia and the different musical elements in Flamenco which point to its varied origins. Thanks to this blend of different musical origins, Flamenco has become what it is today: fascinating and at the same time eluding detailed analysis.

Even flamencologists often disagree and have no choice but to rely on guesswork.

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Often, the only way to form your own opinion is to decide whether to believe more in the works of one author than in those of another. There is no standard theory about Flamenco, only descriptions of different opinions After the decline of power of the West-Roman Empire from about A. However, after a short time they were driven to North Africa by the Visigoths where they established In A.

The moros were allegedly The Reconquest, i. The Reconquest began as early Here are the four most important scales in the Flamenco mode. The notes with an accidental in parentheses are only played on the basic chord the dominant.

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As mentioned before, the Jewish epoch began long before the Christian era. This allegation is substantiated by the fact that, in Christ's day, Jewish pilgrims called sephardim came from Spain to Jerusalem. Sepharad the biblical term denoted The Conquista conquest was the epoch in which Spain rose to world power because of its conquest of the New World and other countries. India is the presumed country of origin of the gipsies. However, to date, researchers have not been able to prove whether they came from the valleys of the Indus more than three thousand kilometres long or Rajasthan a state bordering Pakistan or the Hindukusch mountains.

And it is not quite clear, either, why they left their Testimonials from guitarists around the world. Read what people are saying about the Flamenco guitar publications by Gerhard Graf-Martinez. Mil gracias. Asimismo, me permito dar las gracias al Sr. My words of gratefulness would be insufficient to express all the joy and satisfaction of my readers and students who thanks to their generosity can take advantage of the best method of flamenco guitar.

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Thousand thanks. Also, I allow myself to thank to Mr. Gerhard Graf-Martinez and to send my best desires to him. My name is Miguel L. My guitar ensemble plays 'La Morita' all the time.

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